About us

TurboErgo® -- Innovative ergonomic products and tools for the industrial or office environment.

CoolSafetyProducts.com -- Unique and innovative safety and ergonomic products for work or home.  Police Beacons, Hazard Strobes, Sirens, safety knives, safety candles, ergonomic pens, etc.

LightsForAllOccasions.com -- Hundreds of lighting products for parties, weddings, holidays and much more.

Motivational Speaker & Trainer -- Inspire peak performance. Unleash your organization's best thinking. Improve productivity and health. Ignite creativity. Believe in your potential in a whole new way.

Safe Battery Operated LED Lights -- Battery operated safety candles, floral lights, LED light sticks, light bases, etc.

Ergonomic Writing Instruments -- An ecommerce site devoted to innovative pens, pencils and writing instruments.

Safety Knives and Cutters -- Safe cutting instruments, utility knives and replacement blades.

Safety Lights and Signals -- Safety lights, sirens, strobes and more.

Safety Awareness Posters -- Workplace safety posters and training materials.

Vaughan Safety, Inc. Blog -- Up-to-date information and news releases about Vaughan Safety, Inc.

Vaughan Safety, Inc. Wiki -- Information about the many Vaughan Safety, Inc. ventures.

Vaughan Safety, Inc. LinkedIn -- Company profile on LinkedIn.

OSHA -- The Occupational Safety & Health Administration.

NIOSH -- The National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health

ANSI -- The American National Standards Institute.

NFPA -- The National Fire Protection Association